Our Story

LoveOrganics was co-founded by Navkaran Singh and Pablo Iglesias in 2017. Born and brought up in India and studied in the UK, Navkaran now runs the company from their HQ in Pune, India. Pablo, a Spanish International, lives in Madrid and looks after the company’s dealings in Austria. Together, they have the vision to make India move to more Organic Foods. They are both health enthusiasts and always prefer Organic food over conventional for hundreds of reasons. They really believe that Organic is the only way to have a long term sustainable future for our planet with zero compromise on our health. They are starting with the launch of Organic Whey Protein in the Indian Market as there is a clear need for this. They intend to grow our portfolio with more range of Organic Foods and Products.

Giving Back

Not only we care about the Environment and People’s health, we also want to ensure we are investing back the money where it is needed the most right now. Hunger kills more people in India every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. It’s shocking and sad to know that hunger is the leading cause of deaths in our country. At the same time, did you know that 40% of food goes waste in India and is enough to feed one third of the poor? We have signed up with to give 3 nutritious meals to a hungry child for every pack we sell. Read more about the amazing work are doing here.


We are all aware of the plastic pollution issue globally. While all the governments are trying to find more environmental friendly ways to tackle this issue, we decided to pack our Pure80 product in the standup pouches. These stand-up pouches are producing a lot less waste plastic compared to bulky plastic containers. We also package our product in the local facility in Pune to ensure the carbon footprint from the transport is minimum possible. We are always planning to move on to even more sustainable processes and packaging as soon as we find the alternative!