Pure80 is made from 100% Organic Milk which is produced from Cows who only eat Organic Grass and Pulses free from Pesticides and Herbicides. Cows are not allowed Growth Hormones or routine Antibiotics. This makes the Organic Protein free from any traces of harmful chemicals
No, it contains 3-4% Lactose from milk
We only use 1 ingredient in our Pure80 pack, that is Organic Whey Protein Concentrate powder. Pure80 is free from any chemical additives that you find in other products
We have our own page on Amazon for you to buy directly, here is the link
Every 100g has 80g of pure Protein. Each 30g scoop contains 24g Protein
It has a very similar taste to milk powder. As we add no sugar or sweeteners, it tastes quite low in sugar, more like sugar free Barfi!
Yes, Pure80 can be added to any drinks or food to increase the protein content. Some of our favorites are Oats or other breakfast cereals and Protein smoothies with fruits
We have invented Verification Technology to make sure there are no Pure80 fakes in the market. Only authentic packs will have the correct code inside them, which can be verified on our website
Pure80 is 80% Protein and mainly for muscles gain.
If you are not getting a sufficient intake of protein through your daily diet, Pure80 will help you to gain muscle. Combine it with a healthy diet and regular weights training for optimum results!
Pure80 is European Certified Organic. But the current laws in India do not allow us to use the EU certification in India or get it re-certified in India. Rest assure it is 100% Organic to strict EU regulations. See our Organic Certificate here
You can drink Pure80 with any beverage of your choice. If you are cautious about calories, then water is the best option. Add a scoop to 200ml of water and shake it away!
Pure80 is made from 100% milk like all other Whey Products, hence the taste
Pure80 doesn’t contain any chemical sweeteners or other fillers, so it is better for digestion than normal whey