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As Austria is part of European Union, the Organic Certification has to follow the EU Law. EU Organic Law is one of the strictest in the world and this leads to the best quality assured products. You can read up on EU law here. Organic EU policy on Organic Milk Production can be found here. All Organic Inspection and Certification companies in Europe has to follow the EU policy and laws.

Our partner company in Austria is European Union Certified Organic. Their production processes and products are inspected and certified on yearly basis by Austria Bio Garantie. ABG is the leading inspection body in Austria.

Please note that Pure80 pack does not have the Organic Seal from India, as the current laws in India do not allow the Indian Certification companies to certify imported Organic products. This is also the reason why we do not mention the product as Organic on the packaging, as it is not certified locally in India. But rest assure, Pure 80 is 100% Organic and has gone through a very rigorous and controlled Organic processes in Austria